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How To Jump Higher For Free

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Air Alert® works by a simple principle, Habitual Jump Training™, that we developed over 25 years ago. By definition, Habitual Jump Training™ is a training method that teaches an athlete to jump naturally by habituating the leg muscles through a series of recurrent jump training techniques. The technique uses only your body weight paired with 6 unique jumping training exercises that isolate the muscles designed for jumping. By executing the program as written, muscles develop an unconscious pattern of behavior - a habitual jumping pattern - which allows you to effortlessly increase your jumping ability to a level that will absolutely surprise you.


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"Air Alert really works, and not only is it effective but it works fast. you see results from only one week of use. I have been doing this for only 4 weeks and can almost dunk. GET yours today!"
A.B., East Orange, NJ

 "Air Alert is crazy. I was a good 3 inches from the backboard but I used Air Alert for one day on a Monday. The next day on Tuesday, I went to the gym and could touch the back. In only one day!"
B. Stock, Toronto, Canada

 "Air Alert is the best program for improving your vertical leap. I have been using it for 9 weeks and I've gained 10 inches on my 23 inch vertical leap. I'm 5'3" and I'm only 12 years old. GET AIR ALERT NOW!"
J. Carpenter, Chicago, IL

 "I'm 5'10" and before Air Alert I had a 23" vertical. Now I have a 37" vertical and can flush it 2 hands! The chicks dig the dunks! And the Air Alert presentation is the best thing ever!"
Jesus Leno, Ormond Bch, FL