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Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program, Version IV is the primary vertical jump training program used by serious athletes wishing to learn how to jump higher and improve running speed naturally and without the use of any weights, gimmicky equipment or unsafe supplements. This amazing program has been helping athletes improve athletically since 1991, and it still remains the safest and most effective method for naturally, enthusiastically and efficiently increasing one's vertical leap by an astonishing 8 to 14 inches and increasing one's sprinting by a blistering .2-.4 sec in the 40 yard dash - all without the use of any weightlifting whatsoever!

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The program features amazing techniques that will elevate your game to a completely new level. Using a unique technique called "Habitual Jump Training", Air Alert is comprised of an easy to follow 9 step workout consisting of exercises that enhance muscle strength designed specifically for jumping.


Air Alert is a true vertical jump training program designed for athletes who have a serious desire to jump higher. It is used around the globe and it helps thousands of athletes each day become all-around, more successful athletes, and we guarantee it will help you do the same. Just commit yourself and correctly execute Air Alert and we guarantee will be amazed by how much higher you will be jump, how much faster you will be run and how much better you will become.

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The Court Controller heads up dribbling mask is a soft, flexible training aide that improves a player's dribbling ability. To achieve this, each mask is incorporated with a blinder just below the eyes that blocks vertical peripheral vision disabling a player's ability to see his hands, feet and basketball while playing. This forces him to dribble without seeing the basketball, and over time, the player will unquestionably, undeniably learn how the basketball moves as he dribbles resulting in skilled ball control.


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The dribbling mask is one-size fits all (see left column). This is accomplished by having a 1/4 inch neuprene foam lining inserted inside each Court Controller. The foam contours to each athlete's unique facial curves providing a comfortable and stable fit.

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The Court Controller is an amazing training aide. After playing with it for just 10 days, 30 minutes per day, your ball handling skills improve to a level that will absolutely amaze you and the competition. Court vision will improve, speed up and down the court will flow effortlessly, assists and shooting percentage will improve beyond your belief. You will become a general on the court and control all aspects of the game effortlessly and with great confidence.

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Get your pair today and start improving your game. Just play and practice with them everyday and everyday you will improve little by little until you dominate your competition. This is irrefutable!

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About TMT Sports

TMT Sports was founded in February, 1991 by Timur Tukel and operates out of Charlotte, NC. TMT Sports produces 2 basketball products designed to greatly improve a player's playing ability.

The Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program was first published in September, 1991 and continues to be the number 1 program used in the game.

The Court Controller blind-eyed dribbling mask was first released in 2003. We have redesigned it. Shipment will be available March 27.