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How To Jump Higher

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Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program is the game's most popular and most effective jump training technique for improving one's vertical leap by 8 to 14 inches higher. The program will also improve running speed and initial quickness turning any athlete into an all-around better player.

Air Alert® works by a very simple principle that we developed over 25 years ago known as Habitual Jump Training™, and the principle is still the safest and still provides the best results over all of the gimmicky online programs.

How It Works

By definition, Habitual Jump Training™ is a training method that teaches an athlete to jump naturally by habituating the leg muscles through a series of recurrent jump training techniques.

Habitual Jump Training™ uses only your body weight paired with the 6 unique jumping training exercises specifically designed to attack your legs at different angles isolating the muscles designed especially for jumping. By precisely executing the exercises and by precisely following the 3 day per week workout, your leg muscles develop an unconscious pattern of behavior - a habitual jumping pattern which allows you to effortlessly increase your jumping ability to a level that will absolutely surprise you.

Also referred to as the Kangaroo Effect this method of jump training develops instinctual and effortless jumping like that of a kangaroo. You simply won't believe the gains you will achieve over the 15 week workout period and you simply will not believe how little effort you will exert when jumping high.

As stated, the Air Alert® exercises all involve natural body weight training. The program requires no weights because your body weight serves as the resistance needed; therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not not wear ankle weights to supplement your weight. Ankle weights pull on joints and may cause subsequent joint problems.

Kangaroo Effect

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Air Alert Vertical Jump Program

Free Vertical Jump Training

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Air Alert Jump Program

Receive everything below:

- 33 minute Air Alert training DVD
- 43 paged Air Alert training manual
- Air Alert phase I workout chart
- Air Alert phase II workout chart
- 2 vertical jump measurement charts
- English & Spanish versions
- Motivational slam dunk video


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Air Alert Key Points:

  1. A true vertical jump program 
  2. Habitual Jump Training 
  3. Easy to understand training DVD and training booklet 
  4. 6 unique jumping exercises that isolates leaping muscles 
  5. Exercises involve no lateral jumps making it safe on knees 
  6. Requires no weight training or any specialized equipment 
  7. Conveniently work out at home- no need to go to a gym 
  8. A 2 phase vertical jump training program
    - Air Alert Phase I - jump 8 to 14 inches higher
    - AA Advanced Phase II - 6 weeks - add 3"-6" more
  9. 3 day per week rotating work out schedule
    - Odd weeks: Monday - Wednesday - Friday
    - Even weeks: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
    -Allows for 3 day rest and recovery weekends
  10.  Recommended for male & female athletes 11 and older

Air Alert User Jump Highest At 2009 NFL Combine

J Dillard

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie (2009) wide receiver Jarret Dillard didn't know exactly what the neighbors were talking about as they walke past his house in San Antonio on those hot, summer days so many years ago.

But he had a good idea what they might have been saying. 

"They were like, 'What is this guy doing?'" Dillard recalled.   At the time, Dillard was working on increasing his jumping ability.

On his front porch, he'd stretch, then jump, then repeat the drill over and over.

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